Photo by: Vanessa Gifford

"Meeting 100,000 Dynes" Pastel on Paper 4"x6" Sept. 10, 2017 $TBD

So Dark, So Bright

OK, so I always seem to do the bright rainbow thing or go full macabre. This is somewhere in the middle and, I really love the colors. I had two very nice rococo black frames that needed filling. With Halloween on the horizon, near the time of Arts Goggle, Russ (husband) suggested that I do something with a Halloween vibe. Well, I ended up finding a picture of a skeleton to work from (by Vanessa Gifford) and this is the end result. Now good old husband suggests that I do another Halloween themed image to go in the matching frame using the same color pallet. He's always challenging me. I'm going to interpret that as love right there because Dad does the same thing to Mom when it comes to her quilts. 


This was quite simply FUN. I haven't played in my kiddie pool of darkness in a while and honestly, I missed it. I'll have to make sure to toss in the occasional macabre style image just to make sure I'm staying balanced. Just the right amount of sunshine and darkness seems to keep me well-balanced emotionally and mentally. Cheers!  Off to the next piece. Come check this one out at the October 2017 Arts Goggle!