Just Ducky – 2017.0906

"Just Ducky"
Pastel on Paper
Sept. 6, 2017

So Proud, So Indifferent

This summer, I enjoyed a few once-weekly walks around the Marine Creek Lake near our home, with a friend who was trying to lose some baby weight. Part of the fun of those walks is the surprise animal appearances. The day I photographed this rather proud leader of his mismatched duck squad, was incredibly hot and I'm sure he was hoping this goofy human approaching him was bringing him a snack. Once he realized I had nothing to offer, It was as if I did not exist. He went about his business for the most part and went I left, gave me the side-eye. Sassy little thing. 

What was I doing?

This little 5x7 sat on the dining room table for a week or more. I'd look at the underpainting and question myself, question my direction, and questioned my value as an artist. What was I doing? What is the point? Did anyone care about what I had to offer or was this just a waste of time and resources? I think time will tell with all those questions and I had to remind myself there is a reason they are called Starving artists and that Rome was not built in a day. Lucky for me, I have a husband that will pick up the slack when it comes to the food buying and friends and family cheering me on from the sidelines when I begin to doubt myself and the path I am currently traveling.  I'll try to do a few more small pieces next and I will definitely have it at the October 2017 Arts Goggle!