"Life's Perils: Death"
Pastel on Paper
16" x 21"
Aug. 26, 2011

Cute, but ... NOT

I took my three favorite animals and instead of going with a cutesie little animal portrait, I turned it into a tragedy. The owl and the crow (both predators) are nudging and examining the remains of a dead wren. I didn't want the dead wren to be immediately apparent. So I put a dramatic red burst above the owls head to draw the eye immediately there and then the viewer works their way down the page, guided by the head of the crow and the wing of the owl.

Why so Morbid?

I have my morbid moments and this was one of them. It usually comes on when I'm feeling sorry for myself. What better way to make use of that feeling than to put it into my art!

Accepted to Show

Excitingly enough, the Ft. Worth Community Arts Center accepted this into the show. I did a demo on the portrait of Mandy & Andy Meadows during the opening.