"Luz Dorado para Los Espíritus"
Pastel on Paper
10" x 14"
Aug. 14, 2017

What Gives with the Spanish?!

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday, with its mystical history and eerie origins, how could it not be?! Having grown up in Corpus Christi, TX where Dia de Los Muertos celebrations ran parallel to the more traditional US holiday of Halloween made the holiday season especially long and exceptionally wonderful. Seeing delicate sugar skulls, pan dulce, spirits, and aromatic marigolds in wonderful petal artwork joined with pictures of loved ones made the cooling autumn nights, illuminated with flickering candles glowing around graves, enchanting and "homie." Because of these memories and experiences, when I saw the opportunity to enter an art contest for Dia de Los Muertos with the emphasis on Marigolds and/or Monarchs, I immediately gravitated to the Marigold. Not only do I grow my own vibrant patch of these charmingly potent gems but their spirited personality symbolizes the celebration in my old childhood memories.

"Growing" to Love It

This project left me a bit disappointed with the starting efforts. After a mini pep-talk with the husband, I decided I should mess with it a little more and give it a fair chance to emerge from its awkward 1-hour old "birth." I'm so glad I did because this Project has left me excited to see how the center of the flower comes to life and imagining what the finished product will look like. In the event I don't make it into the show, I will definitely have it at the October 2017 Arts Goggle!